Revitalize and Rejuvenate, the Power of Greens


ALKALINEThere is nothing like a good detox cleanse to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.

The problem with most detox programs, is that  people feel deprived and they can be difficult to follow.

This program is designed to be fun and easier to execute. Check out the video below.

Paleo Juicing Smoothie Festival

Vibrant Health researcher, Jeff Yentzer, has been on a three decade quest to find the ideal nutritional approach for longevity, vitality and a daily sense of joy .

Having experimented with a number of other diets and detox programs, the Paleo Juicing Smoothie Festival is the result of 30 years of learning and experimentation.

In this new series of videos, Jeff is sharing an approach which includes detoxing and enough nutrition to have excellent energy throughout the day. The original inspiration came from Paul Bragg’s book, The Miracle of Fasting and has evolved from there.

His knowledge of detoxing also comes from experience with a nutritionally-minded Holistic M.D.

The program is powered by large amounts of leafy green, low carb vegetables, and the Alkaline Power Boost.

Fruit infused waterSuperior hydration and detoxification is provided by:

  • Zeolite water, which draws out heavy metals like mercury.
  • Fruit infused water as an electron donor for alkalinity.
  • Herb teas

Paleo-friendly protein sources like salmon, sardines, bison, lamb, grass-fed beef, organ meats,and  bone broths, provide clean protein and healthy fats.

The series will include detailed recipes, exercise ideas, and some meditations for positive mindset.

by Beverly Banov Brown,M.S.

author of the forthcoming book, Body, Sweet Body, to be published in the Spring of 2014. You can see Beverly’s videos on Love Mentoring topics on YouTube at Beverly Banov Brown,M.S.




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