They Got Smarter and More Peaceful


Alkaline DietDr. Berardi says, let’s correct basic nutritional deficiencies first.

One of the cool things about fish oil is that it enhances motivation centers in the brain.

Fish oil and a multi vitamin covers the basic deficiencies that many people have.

His strategy makes good sense, check out what else he has to say in this video.

Correcting Deficiencies with Fish Oil

Cover Basic Nutritional Bases

Studies with School Kids and Nutrition

Studies with school kids show that nutritional supplementation can help improve cognitive functions and even helps some kids to be less violent on the playground. Scientists then wondered what would happen if they used nutritional supplementation with prison inmates. The result was less violence and aggressive incidence.

When most people start out on a health promoting program it is found that chances are they are deficient in a few vitamins and minerals along with omega 3 fats. A basic multi vitamin mineral supplement and fish oil covers the basic deficiency issues for most people. Once the basics are covered then people on move on from there.

I would love to hear your feedback and experience on this issue. Have you felt smarter or less violent after taking nutritional supplements? Use the comment box below to share your story.


One thought on “They Got Smarter and More Peaceful

  • October 2, 2012 at 2:36 pm

    i feel smarter when i eat walnuts because the ala makes my brain bigger.


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