Snacks to Boost Metabolism


Boost MetabolismThe right kind of snacking can actually help your weight loss efforts.

The trick is to choose foods with a high nutritional density.

High fiber foods are a good choice.

Almonds contain healthy fat, protein and are on the alkaline side of the chart.

Top metabolism boosting foods!

metabolism boosting trail mixSometimes when people are trying to lose weight they cut way back on calories. This can provide some weight loss, but the problem is, your metabolism can slow down, hindering weight loss efforts. Small snacks can help keep metabolisms up, without adding too many calories

Check out the video for some snack ideas.

  • Cottage cheese and berries
  • Trail mix – be careful, some of these have added sugar. The ones made with raw nuts are best.
  • Fruit
  • Sliced veggies and hummus
  • Nut butter and celery sticks

metabolsim boosting peopleThanks to Stephan and Sara for the great metabolism boosting snack tips.

I would also add raw cacao to the list. It can be added to smoothies, trail mix, and other snacks for a metabolic boost.

Little Known Metabolism Boosting Tip

Another not commonly known metabolism booster is hot water and lemon, or just hot herbal tea. Sip on these beverages throughout the day. A thermos can come in handy for ease of use and portability. Your body has to work, just a bit to cool these hot liquids down. That burns a few extra calories. This trick also helps with hydration, as many people don’t like to drink just plain old water.

We would love to hear your favorite healthy snack ideas.


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