Start the Day the Alkaline Way


Fruit WaterFor maximum energy and vitality, I start my day the alkaline way.

Fruit infused water is the first thing to go into my body.

After that I take care of the mind body connection by doing some light QiGong or maybe I will just chill out with the headphones and some meditation music. This gets me hydrated and meditated right off the bat in the morning.

Start the Day the Alkaline Way, Fruit Infused Water

Here is the most common question we get, “How can lemons and limes be alkaline in the body, when they taste so acidic?”

Lemons are Alkaline FormingWell here’s the explanation: The body can very easily get rid of the acid in most cases. Some people have a metabolic flaw, where this is not the case, but for most people the acid from lemons and limes is eliminated quickly and easily.

What’s left behind is some excellent alkaline minerals.

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Manganese

Also too, these citrus fruits contain antioxidants, which are electron donors. Between the alkaline minerals and the electron donors we have a very alkaline beverage.

Lemon is a great cleanser, you see it used in all kinds of cleaning products. Water comes in handy too, when you are trying to clean something. So citrus water in the morning makes a great internal body cleanser.

You can also make fruit infused water from a lot of other kinds of fruit and herbs. Cucumber mint is quite tasty. Orange and pineapple together make a great combo. Place a few cut up pieces in a pitcher and fill with purified water. Let it infuse for about an hour in the frig, or add some ice. The result tastes way better than plain water.
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