Can You Store Fresh Made Juice?


Fresh JuiceThis is a question we get a lot.

Can you store juice that was just made with a juicer?

The short answer is no, but so many people are in a time crunch today.

So here is the problem, juicing takes time and effort and many people would like to make juice once and store some for later. There are ways to pull this off, but guidelines are needed.

Nutrients from Frozen Juice?

The best possible scenario is to the drink the juice right after you make it.

If you need to store some for later, here is how to do it:

Bowl of fresh juiceGet some canning jars. Fill the jars right to the tippy top with juice. The less air in the jar the better. Use a vacuum sealer attachment on the lid to suck all the air out.

Keep it as cold as possible without freezing. Keep it out of the light.

If you don’t have a vacuum sealer, at least fill the jars right to the top, adding water if necessary to keep the air out. This will help prevent oxidation.

I have read elsewhere that adding a bit of powdered vitamin C or other anti-oxidant to the juice can help.

Even with the best preservation method, I wouldn’t store juice for more than a day.

The same applies to smoothies.

You still get some nutrition from frozen juice, but not as good as fresh.

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Dr. Mercola drinks about a quart of fresh vegetable juice every day.  (the only fruit is lime) He says it helps the healthy bacteria in the gut.


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