Stretch Away that Stiffness from Traveling


If you ever get stiff shoulders from sitting in a car, riding on a plane, or for any reason. These simple stretches are just the ticket for stress and tension relief. Yoga teacher Lillah Schwartz shows us some quick yoga poses we can do with a car.

It feels great to make a rest stop and stretch out. A 10 minute stretch break can be very refreshing to the body and Spirit. That is enough time for a couple simple yoga poses.

In this particular video Lillah shares 2 stretches for the shoulders and chest. Many people hunch forward while driving and these poses can counteract that stiffness. Don’t forget to do both sides.

Yoga Poses for Long Car Rides – Shoulders and Chest

You can find all the videos in this series Yoga for Long Car Rides here.

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These are the 2 yoga poses demonstrated in this video.

Great for the neck, shoulders and chest.


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