Super Yum Cookout Meal, Nutritional Intensity


Cookout Meal, Nutritional Intensity We cooked up this delicious and healthy meal while camping in the woods.

Your backyard barbecue will do the trick as well.

It was unbelievable how yummy this was. You can get creative with this and use your own preference of health boosting, super yum ingredients.

Campfire Yum Yum Wrap, Taste Bud Delight


Cookout Season is Here! Fire up the Grill

Seaweed wraps are so versatile when it comes to making gluten free wraps. You can roll just about any kind of food up in these. Get a pile of food following the 80-20 alkaline balance principles.  A little bit of meat and a bunch of vegetables.

Chop it up and spread on the seaweed wrap. Roll it up, grill it up and lunch, dinner or snack is served.

Campfire seaweed wrap

In this recipe we used avocado, apple, lime juice (keeps things from turning brown, good antioxidant), salsa, hummus, fresh pineapple, and ham.

Seaweed wraps are available at Asian markets. They are often used for making sushi. Seaweed is a good source of minerals, including iodine.


Here is a picture of the seaweed wrap with all the ingredients, just before rolling up. Then into the frying pan. Cast iron pans are great for cooking out.

You could cook this on aluminum foil as well, I’m not crazy about aluminum however.



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