This Really Tasted Good, Tropical Mango Smoothie


Tropical Mango SmoothieHere is a quick and delicious smoothie recipe.

Tropical Surprise Mango Smoothie with Garden Greens.

The garden greens provide at least some locally grown ingredients.

The mango and banana certainly are not locally grown for me anyway.

Maybe you are lucky enough to live in the tropics. Maybe someday I can live where mangoes can be considered locally grown. (or at least visit often)

Tropical Paradise Mango Smoothie, with Raw Protein Powder

So Gather up Your Ingredients for This Great Tasting Smoothie

This can make an occasional meal replacement, or a good pre-workout or post-workout drink.


One thought on “This Really Tasted Good, Tropical Mango Smoothie

  • October 5, 2011 at 10:52 am

    How would we get Milk thistle without having to open up a capsule?


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