Therapy Broth, Chicken Soup w Ginger, Garlic, Hot Pepper


Therapy Broth, Chicken SoupWith most of the county in a deep freeze, how about a nice hot bowl of therapeutic soup to warm you up?

This combo of ingredients with warm you up for sure.

Ginger, garlic and hot pepper form the warming therapy trio for this bowl of pipping hot goodness. Be sure to add lots of alkalizing greens and veggies to the soup pot to make it extra special. I am enjoying a bowl of this wonderful goodness as I type this. Wow is it bursting with flavor and energy.

Therapy Broth, Chicken Soup w/ Ginger, Garlic, Hot Pepper


Kale  Collard soupBone broth has been cooking up here for a few days. I just keep adding more stuff as I eat away at it each day. I have kale, sweet potatoes, asparagus and a few other veggies in the pot. I added some chicken drumsticks about an hour ago. They are cooked now, so I will cut the meat off the bone and add it all back to the pot.

FirGarlic ginger hot pepper2st thing going into the bowl is Himalayan Sea Salt, thank you

Therapy soup2Then I add sliced ginger, garlic and jalapeno pepper.

Then I scoop the chicken and veggie bone broth soup over top.

The ginger, garlic and jalapeno pepper get warned up by the soup, but not overcooked.

Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory. Garlic is know for killing bad bugs and hot pepper is warming for sure.

It’s not to cold where I am right now, but the rest of the county is pretty much frozen. Hope this hot soup recipe will warm some people up. Enjoy!


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