Time to Plant Herbs


Propagating RosemaryMy favorite way to save money on groceries, make all kinds of food taste better and improve health, is by growing my own herbs.

Even if you don’t have land, you can grow herbs in a windowsill or on the porch. Many herbs are easy to grow and very hardy.

Rosemary is an example of a plant that can be grown from cuttings. If you have a neighbor or friend with a plant, you can easily start as many plants as you can handle.

Herbfest is going strong in Wake Forest, it is an excellent place to get all kinds of traditional and unique herbs.

Saving & Propagating Rosemary Plants


In this video, Herbanite Bob Johnson explains –

How to Care for Rosemary and Propagate New Plants.

  • Start out with some good potting soil in a small to medium size container.
  • Cut a Rosemary stem from an existing healthy plant.
  • Strip back the bottom half of Rosemary leaves. This is where the new plant will sprout roots.
  • Place the Rosemary stem into the potting soil. Be sure to bury the part where you stripped off the leaves.
  • Keep it watered well, but do not over water. Be sure it never dries out completely.
  • Place the Rosemary plants in the shade for the first week or so to give them a good start and prevent drying out.
  • You can transplant to a larger container or plant in the ground.
  • Repeat this process as many times as you like to get an abundance of plants.

Rosemary plantNever cut a Rosemary plant back all the way to the ground. You can however take cutting from a plant without hurting it, as long as you don’t go overboard and cut 80% or more of the plant at one time.

You can trim up a Rosemary plant and shape it the way you like to keep it’s growth under control and make it look nice.

You can propagate and endless number of plants from one Rosemary plant. Be sure to share some cuttings with friends and neighbors, after you get a well established plant.

Shish Kabob – Rosemary plants have a fairly stiff stem so use can use them as a skewer for Shsih Kabob grilling. Strip most, but not all of the Rosemary leaves off of a sturdy stem and slide on vegetables, potatoes, meat of tofu chunks. Cook on the grill for a great Spring or Summer treat.

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