Travel and Still Eat Healthy Food


health food travelTraveling for the Holidays, or anytime of year?

This video has some great tips for healthy food bring alongs.

I know from first hand experience, it is tough to get healthy foods when you are away from home.

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Vegetarian Diet Food Preparation For Traveling


When you are out on the road it can be tricky to find a restaurant that serves quality food. That is quality from a health and wellness standpoint. Airport food is not much better. Sometimes you can make a special request and get something halfway decent.

Then there is the challenge of relatives. They may or may not be very friendly to your healthy eating ways. Nothing wrong with the occasional indulgence, but you may want to have a healthy food stash along to fill in the gaps and minimize the damage provided by days of junk food feasting.

Here are some of the travel foods she suggests with a few of my own ideas thrown in:

Love to hear your ideas for healthy traveling snacks and meals. Please use the comment box below to let us know.


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