Upgrade Your Diet, 3 Simple Swap Outs


Upgrade Your DietOur Buddy Drew Canole shares some great diet swap tips to make dieting and feeling better easier.

All without cutting calories, which nobody likes to do.

These 3 foods he talks about are ubiquitous in the food supply, grocery stores and restaurants. 

3 Easy Food Swaps to Heal Your Gut and Lose Weight


3 Food Swaps for More Energy, Better Health and Weight Loss

  1. Sugar – Eat something fatty instead. Preferably some healthy fat. Almonds are a great choice and an excellent alkaline food.  Other nuts are good too. Unsweetened coconut is a great addition to a lot of things. Try sliced apples, covered with almond butter and sprinkled with shredded coconut.Contrary to popular belief fat is not going to automatically make you fat. Sugar is more liklely to cause you to pack on the pounds.
  2. pb coconut milkDairy – I have been avoiding dairy as often as possible for over a decade now. I don’t even do grass fed organic milk. Not even yogurt. Many people have a food intolerance to dairy and are not even aware.Cashew milk is my most recent dairy replacement. Almond and coconut milks are good too. I go for the unsweetened version to avoid SUGAR. (see above)
  3. Wheat – There are many people becoming increasingly aware that they have a problem with gluten. Don’t limit your gluten sensitivity thinking to just celiac disease. There are many other ways that gluten can damage the mind and body that fly under the radar of people’s consciousness.
    When making sandwiches or tacos for example, use a large piece of lettuce to wrap up the goodies, instead of slapping between slices of bread.
    Rice and other non wheat breads are available too.  Look for them in the freezer section in most stores.

We would love to hear your ideas on other foods swaps as well. I’m sure there are plenty out there. A little creativity goes o long way.

fruit infused waters you are specialBonus swap out. If you are still unfortunate enough to be drinking soda; – one of the most acidifying drinks on the planet, and that goes for diet soda as well —
Try fruit infused water instead.

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One thought on “Upgrade Your Diet, 3 Simple Swap Outs

  • December 14, 2015 at 4:12 pm

    I’ve found that Paleo diet recipes will use almond flour or coconut flour in their breads. I even made English muffins from one site with a free recipe book download. The banana nut bread was good as well as the onion bread. They only use the healthy oils, preferably coconut oil. Most of what I read, cooking with coconut oil is safe and won’t turn toxic like olive oil. It will also lower your cholesterol naturally.


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