Watch This Guy Light an Orange on Fire


Light an Orange on FireThis video will show you how to make a BETTER orange juice.

This will give you much more flavonoids.

The key is to include some of the pith, the white part of the inner skin.

You want to peel away the outer orange skin, because is is very volatile. You can watch him squeeze the outer skin into a flame and it catches fire.

Part 6 – Real Orange Juice

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The next key is to use a juicer to extract the juice, not an orange squeezer. Using a juicer gets more nutrition out of the orange.

Watch the video to get the full scoop.

Grapefruits should be peeled also. Lemon peel however can be utilized. You can run an entire lemon through a juicer. Be sure to wash it off good first. Organic is recommended, so you don’t take in pesticide residue.

You will find lemons in the most alkaline column of the alkaline diet chart. Grapefruit and orange are a bit less alkaline, but still on the alkaline side. People are often puzzled, as to how an acidic food, like lemon can be on the alkaline side of the chart. You can read more about that here.

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