Don’t Worry, Be Happy, Secret to Good Health


Secret to Life & Good HealthHow to improve your thought life.

This video gives a great explanation of how to change your thoughts for the better.

Focus on what you really do want, not on what you do not want.

We have written before about how stress is acid forming in the body and works against our efforts to be more alkaline. This video gives some great tips on how to deal with stress and change your thinking patterns for the better.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy, The Secret to Life & Good Health

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Stress has been a big buzzword in the medical community. A lot of health problems are aggravated by stress. People have a tendency to focus on the dramatic. Our imaginations can run wild.  There is a lot of focus on violence and negativity, just turn on the TV or go to the movies.

So try this instead, focus on:

  • Peace not war
  • Prosperity instead of lack
  • Love in place of hate
  • Health and vitality rather than illness
  • Kindness replaces rudeness
  • Share a smile, a hug or a kind word

Love to hear your thoughts on this video, please use the comment box below.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy, The Secret to Life & Good Health


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