cacao bliss balls

Portable Superfood Snack, Cacao Bliss Protein Balls

Portable healthy snacks are super handy to have on the go. Have you ever been out and about and started  feeling hungry with nothing healthy to eat in sight? That is where portable snacks come in handy. It is way easier to stick to a healthy eating plan if you are prepared with some healthy food close at hand. This greatly reduces the chance of derailing a healthy eating plan with a junk food binge. Related posts: Coconut and Veggie Smoothie with Protein Powder, Healthy…

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coconut bruce fife

Easy on the Digestive System

A lot of people will be happy to hear about this easy to digest food, that provides sustained energy. There are a lot of folks suffering from digestive problems. Just go into any supermarket or drugstore and check out the vast array of digestive issue products on the shelves. It will blow your mind. What goes into the stomach can make all the difference between a good day and a bad day for many people. Related posts: Gut Check, Are Your Intestines Happy? Digestive Issues…

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Raspberry ketones

Fat Burning Smoothie, and Delicious Too

I am always in favor of using real foods over supplements whenever possible. Raspberry ketones have been a popular weight loss supplements for years now. Mostly based on studies done on rats, showing increased fat burning. I just think real raspberries are so much better. Both for the taste-buds and the wallet. The Hemp Hearts in this recipe are a good source of protein and healthy omega  fats. Related posts: Berry Delicious, Camping Detox Smoothie Berry Berry Smoothie, Its Berry Delicious Refreshing Summer Drink, Mint…

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chia seed pudding recipes

Healthy Breakfast Idea, Chia Pudding Recipes

This is a great alternative to the typical morning smoothie. Simple, quick and perfect for the Fall weather, these recipes are delicious and nourishing. You can also take these on the go. I have personally downed a lot of morning smoothies in the last several years. Morning smoothies are great and amazing, but a chance of pace is nice for the taste buds on occasion. Related posts: Peachy Tapioca Pudding, Healthy Style Homemade Super Food, and Breakfast Idea Healthy Dessert Recipe – No Sugar Pumpkin…

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Mint Chocolate Frozen Fudge

Today a Yummy Treat, Mint Chocolate Frozen Fudge

When I was a kid, I used to love frozen fudge pops. So I created a healthy version with no sugar or dairy. Only the natural sugar that comes in the fruit. Then I add some stevia to add some extra low calorie sweetness. Enjoy this recipe on a hot summer day, or anytime you want a delicious, yet wholesome treat. This is super yummy. Makes a great snack or dessert. Related posts: Extra Yummy Health Snack, Mango Mint Refreshing Summer Drink, Mint Berry Smoothie…

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5 step gut rebalance lady

5 Steps to a Flat Stomach

Today we have the 5 step protocol to flatten your stomach. Who would not want to be better looking, sexier, and most of all more vibrantly healthy? These are principles I live by everyday. Please leave your comments below, for others to enjoy. Related posts: 3 Steps to Help Get Your Body More Alkaline Eliminate Heartburn and Acid Reflux, 3 Simple Steps More Powerful than the Best Diet Better Brain Function and Health The Easy Way to Relax

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green up vitality

Alkaline Diet, Better Performance, Energy, and MicroNutrients

Yuri shares with us 5 benefits of eating and drinking alkaline diet style. He also talks about some of the science behind the alkaline diet, or lack thereof. For me, the energy and performance benefits rock, that’s why I love the alkaline diet.  Let’s go SuperGreen! Related posts: Alkaline Balance – Athletes and performance Unique Way of Looking at the Alkaline Diet Alkaline Balance – The American Diet Do the Ketogenic Diet and Alkaline Diet Have Anything in Common? Is There Space in the Alkaline…

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