alkaline juice

Alkaline Juice for Vitality and Youthfulness

The other day I felt like I needed an energy boost, so I fired up this All Alkaline juice, made fresh with the juicer. Fresh made juice is head and shoulders above bottled store bought juice.  Fresh juice is brimming with enzymes and vitality boosting goodness. Everything in this juice recipe is on the alkaline side of the chart. I must say, I definitely felt a boost in vitality and energy after drinking this juice.

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alkaline water

Alkaline Balance – Cola Truth

Just how bad are cola’s? According to Dr. Kurt Grange PhD, from The Pack of Life: Hydrochloric acid is the strongest acid there is. It registers 1.5 on the pH scale. All Cola type soft drinks register at 2 on the pH scale. They are very acid. In fact all colas are 100,000 times more acidic than pure water at a pH of 7 or your blood at a pH of 7.4. In fact , most soft drinks register no higher than a 3.5 on…

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Eleuthero and Ginseng Benefits

An Easy Way to Reduce Stress

Adaptogenic herbs help people to physically and mentally adapt to all kinds of stress. What could be easier than taking an herb or two to help reduce stress? Less time consuming than yoga, or meditation, and much cheaper than any kind of therapy. Not to say that those things aren’t good. I like to practice meditation every day. I also want to get back into yoga soon. I haven’t been to yoga for a long time. Herbs however can be a good supplement to a…

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Plan your meals

You Cannot Fail When it Comes to Eating Healthy

What is the best way to keep your New Year’s Resolution of other commitment to eating a healthy diet this year? The answer is; have a written menu plan for the week. Make a grocery list based on the plan, go to the store and buy the foods. This way all the good food you need is on hand. Makes it easy to follow your vibrant health promoting diet plan. Usually when people go to prepare a meal, they are already hungry and maybe tired…

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